Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) under its Water-Induced Disaster Risk Reduction Project (WIDP) distributed prepositioning materials for disaster management in 9 schools of Madi Municipality in Chitwan district.

The materials were provided to Rameshwor Secondary School in Madi, Basic school in Bhairawapur, Basic School in Ratani Dhowaha, Janakalyan Secondary School in Kalyanpur, Basic School in Jagannathpur, Janajiwan Secondary School in Ayodhyapur, Krishnapur, Krishnanagar Secondary School in Krishnanagar, Brahmajyoti Basic School in Brahmapuri and Basic School in Govindawasti of the district.

Stretcher, rope, hoe, shovel, radio, first-aid kit, mat among others were included in the distributed material kit.

Rabindra Singh Thakuri, Programme Coordinator of the RRN/WIDP said the distributed preposition materials will help to reduce disaster risk in the schools.

Chairperson of the school management committee, principal and programme coordinator and teachers expressed their thankfulness saying such kind of supports can play an important role in the secured school campaign.