RRN Credo

RRN Credo

The Credo of Rural Reconstruction

Dr. Y.C. James Yen, Funder of Rural Reconstruction Moment 

RRN subscribes to the philosophy and principles of the International Rural Reconstruction Movement, which is encapsulated in the following credo:

  • Go to the people
  • Live among them
  • Learn from them
  • Plan with them
  • Work with them
  • Start with what they know
  • Build on what they have
  • Teach by showing
  • Learn by doing
  • Not a showcase but a pattern
  • Not odds and ends but a system
  • Not piecemeal but an integrated approach
  • Not to conform but to transform
  • Not relief but release

About RRN

Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) is a Nepali non-government, not for profit, social development organisation, initially set up as a small organisation in 1989

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