RRN organised a Photo Exhibition with the theme of "Celebrating RRN's 24th Years of Working with Rural Communities" at its central office premises on 26th May 2017.

A collection of photographs representing RRN's activities ranging from relief and recovery support, community empowerment and mobilisation, income generation, infrastructure support, disaster risk reduction, food and nutrition, biodiversity conservation, livelihood improvement and income generation, water sanitation and hygiene to advocacy, campaign and networking were displayed in the exhibition. The photo exhibition was accompanied by poster presentation on RRN's various development projects as well as allied network organisations.

Similarly, a group of adolescent girls from Right Based Education for Dalit Youths in Nepal (SAMVAD Programme) presented their talents in the forms of drama, dance and poems articulating that how they have become the catalyst for social change in their respective societies as a result of the intervention of Samvad project.

The exhibition was observed by representatives from different funding partners, line government agencies, stakeholders and well-wishers. The programme has been proved to be a common platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences among and between the development partners and stakeholders.