Rajan Rawat

20 December 2017, Humla.

Rs. 8.5 Million have been distributed to 2,034 women associated with 85 different Citizen Awareness Centres (CACs) for their livelihood improvement in Humla district. The fund was provided in order to support in their economic empowerment and livelihood improvement of marginalised and poor rural women.

According to Raj Bahadur Rokaya, CDP District Coordinator, Community Development Programme (CDP) has provided Rs. 1 lakh per CAC as a revolving fund to a total of 85 graduated CACs in CDP implemented Wards of Simkot, Kharpunath, Sarkegard and Chankheli Village Municipalities of Humla district in the first phase.

According to him, the fund Rs. 7.8 Million will be provided for the same purpose to 78 graduating CACs in Adanchuli, Namkha and Chankheli Village Municipalities in the second phase by the mid of February 2018. The fund was provided as a seed money in order to run the prioritised and feasible different small enterprises (business plans) based on the sub-sector analysis. In the first phase, the revolving funds were provided as the seed money to 1,109 persons for goat farming, 451 persons for poultry, 44 persons for rabbit farming, 321 persons for vegetable farming, 21 persons for mushroom farming, and 178 persons for beekeeping with the objectives of economic upliftment and livelihood improvement of poorest rural women through running the small business enterprises.

Bhana Shani, Coordinator of Devmukhi Citizen Awareness Centre said, "We conducted 52-week ReFlLECT classes in our CAC. We discussed the way to improve our livelihoods by running small enterprises during our classes. Now, CDP has provided us with the revolving funds to run the business schemes of our own choices. We will mobilize this fund for improving livelihoods of all members associated with CAC by investing in different business plans on the rotation basis."

The main purpose of the revolving fund for livelihood improvement is to uplift the living standard of CAC members, support to respond the essential needs, strengthen the inter-relationship between the local bodies and communities as well as to enhance the access to the resources and services that are delivered through the public sectors.

A joint mechanism constituted of Chairperson of the respective Ward Office, CDP staff and Management Committee of CAC itself will be responsible for the proper implementation and result mapping of the provided seed money of the revolving fund.

Note: An unofficial translation of news published on https://nepalbani.com (20 December 2017)