Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, July 20 – United Nations Population Fund Nepal (UNFPA) and Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) on Friday launched a one-year project to enhance reproductive health facilities for women and livelihood opportunities for conflict-affected people.

The project, titled “Sustainable Reproductive Health and Livelihood Programme” (SUREHELP) and funded by the government of Austria will be working in villages of Salyan and Rolpa, the districts most affected by the ten-year long conflict.

The project, which began in April this year, will end in March next year.

It will concentrate on the reproductive health and livelihood opportunities for women, poor and the marginalised through socio-economic means and political awareness.

During the launch at Hotel Himalaya, Minister for Local Development Dev Gurung, while underscoring the need to make the state responsible for overall national development, said, “The attempts made by the private partnership organisation is praiseworthy but only these attempts are not enough to make a new Nepal.”

Stating that everyone has the right to choose his religion, Minister Gurung highlighted the need to make Nepal a secular country. While expressing his commitment to help the private sector in development activities, he pointed out that Nepal’s patriarchal system was mainly responsible for domestic violence against women.

Aiming to serve around 33,600 women, youth, poor, disadvantaged and children from various communities, the project will also focus on enhancing the quality of life and the process of economic, social and cultural empowerment of the conflict affected poor and excluded communities.

Likewise, acknowledging the project as an opportunity provided by UNFPA, Arjun Karki, President of RRN Nepal said, “Nothing will happen unless we actively restructure a new Nepal through social, economic transformation and by raising political awareness.”

Posted on: 2007-07-20 06:35:15 (Server Time)