RRN has distributed relief materials both food-items and non-food items as per the demands received from the community through respective DDRCs. As of 26 September 2017, RRN has distributed relief materials to 8,887 HHs including non-food items for 8,887 HHs and food items for 1,726 HHs in 12 Terai districts. The non-food items included Tarpaulin 2165 pcs, Mattress 35,147 pcs, Plastic Mat 1,083 pcs, Mosquito Net 1,931 pcs, Bucket 950 pcs, Jug 950 pcs, Milk Bottles for babies 15 pcs and Nail cutter 45 pcs. Similarly, food items included Rice 9460 kg, Pulses 1,892 kg, Oil 574 litre, Salt 809 kg, Beaten Rice 4207 kg, Bhujiya 126 kg, Noodles 54 cartoon, Sugar 428 kg, Mitha 60 kg, Rio Juice 25 cartoon, Chocolate 3 jar, Sarbottom Pitho 34 pack and Onion 100 kg.

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    • बाढी पिडितलाई आरआरएनले बाड्यो राहात सामाग्री

      नेपालगन्ज न्यूज - नेपालगन्ज असोज ४ । बाढीका कारण घर भत्किए पछि आफन्तको घर तथा गाउ नजिकैको जंगलमा कष्टपुर्ण अबस्थामा बस्दै आएका बाकेको राप्ती सोनारीका फत्तेपुर र बिनौनाका ४ सय २५ परिबारलाई नेपाल ग्रामिण पुननिर्माण संस्थाले करिब ४० लाख बराबरको गैह् खाद्य सामाग्रीहरु बितरण गरेको छ । राप्ती नदीको...

    • गौरिगञ्ज र बाह्रदसीका बाढी पीडितलाई बिदेसीको राहत

      विनोद सापकोटा गौरीगञ्ज, भदौ ३१ खाद्यवस्तुको मात्र यसअघि राहत पाउने झापाका गौरिगञ्ज र वाह्रदशी गाउँपालिकाका बाढीपीडित परिवारले शुक्रबार अखाद्य वस्तुको राहत सामाग्री पाएका छन्। नेपाल ग्रामिण पुर्ननिर्माण संस्था (आरआरएन) ले संयोजन गरेको सो राहत सामाग्री दुई वटा विदेशी संस्थाको प्रत्यक्ष सहभागितामा...

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    • Women are Primary Beneficiaries of CDP

      An aligned programme of Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Community Development Programme (CDP) reaches the most marginalized and vulnerable communities of the most challenging 18 districts. Women are the...

    • CACs Supporting Increase Vital Registration Rate

      A survey carried out by Department of Civil Registration in 2014 showed that birth registration rate was 58.4% in Nepal. A mini survey on vital registration carried out in 2016 by the same department showed the both marriage and birth registration rate of 76%. The birth registration rate in...

A high-level team comprised of Ms Jacqueline Groth, Honorable Deputy Head of Mission of German Embassy in Nepal, Ms. Barbara Zilly, Country Director for Welthungerhilfe Country Office, Nepal and Ms Mana Dahal, President of RRN visited Ramechhap district from 10 to 11 December 2015 to monitor the projects implemented by Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) with WHH funding support. The monitoring team was accompanied by Mr Balkrishna Chaudhary, Thematic Leader and Project Manager, Mr Nirajan Pokharel, Project Manager of RRN, Mr Kul Bikram Shrestha, Gelu VDC Secretary, Ms Rama Ghimire, Ward Secretary of Chisapani along with RRN field staff and VDC level stakeholders.

The team visited Pasupati Lower Secondary School, Sarada Higher Secondary School, Laharebar to Kaule rural road upgrading project in Gelu VDC of Ramechha and Agriculture Cooperative Chisapani and cash for work under road upgrading project in Manthali Municipality Chisapani.

During the visit, the team interacted with community people, school teachers, students, members of school management committee, cooperative members and road upgrading user committee members. The community people shared their feelings and perception regarding the projects implemented by RRN/WHH. The community people acknowledged the project intervention that, significant improvement in drinking water, school education and nutrition have been observed due to project intervention. They also shared their views that, the projects have also contributed remarkably in community infrastructure development like rural roads, school buildings, irrigation canals, drinking water etc. including improved agriculture production and income generations.

RRN has been implementing various community development projects related to food security and disaster risk reduction, primary education, health and nutrition, improving water security and sanitation, improving community rural livelihoods, rehabilitation and strengthening of rural infrastructure support before and after the massive earthquake in April 2015 in Ramechhap district since 2011 with the support of Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and German Cooperation (BMZ). The projects are targeted to the poor and marginalised communities of Gelu, Chisapani VDCs.